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Myrtle Grove Ventures (MGV) is a global investment holding company with interests in technology, finance, and real estate. MGV focuses specifically on the financial technology and investment crowdfunding sectors. MGV founds, funds, and operates companies in-house and brings in external partners and investors to help scale the organizations. MGV was founded by Dan Miller, a FinTech and crowdfunding pioneer, and is based in London and New York City.

Our Founder

Dan Miller

Dan is the Founder of Myrtle Grove Ventures, a global investment holding company with interests in technology, finance and real estate.

Dan launched Myrtle Grove Ventures in October 2015 to build a global investment platform that expanded upon his initial work in financial technology and real estate crowdfunding. MGV founds, funds and operates companies in-house that apply financial technology and investment crowdfunding to new asset classes and geographies.

Dan previously co-founded and served as President and Director of Fundrise, the first and largest US real estate crowdfunding platform. During his tenure, Dan led the firm to become an industry leader and globally renowned business that continues to dominate its industry.

Dan also remains involved with Western Development Corporation, his family’s real estate organization which has developed more than 20 million square feet in its 48-year history.

Dan graduated from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania as a submatriculant with a dual B.S. and M.B.A. Dan lives with his wife in Kensington, London.

Follow Dan on Twitter twittericon@dan__miller


Featured Investments

  • Fundrise

  • Popularise

  • WestMill Capital

  • 1351 H Street NE, Washington, DC

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