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Name: Dan Miller

Age: 29


What is your current neighborhood? Brooklyn Heights in New York City

What city were you born in? Washington, DC

What do you do for a living? Founder of Myrtle Grove Ventures and Co-Founder of Fundrise.

My career lies at the intersection of technology, finance, and real estate. I create platforms to empower individuals to invest in their communities and projects they’re passionate about.

I recently launched a new firm called Myrtle Grove Ventures. MGV will expand upon my work in financial technology and investment crowdfunding, but apply it globally to new assets classes. I have some very exciting projects I’m currently working on that I can’t wait to announce!

My career began in commercial real estate, specializing in redeveloping historic properties in up-and-coming neighborhoods in Washington DC and leasing those properties to local restaurants, bars, and retail stores.

That led me to found Fundrise, the first real estate crowdfunding platform in the United States, which allows individuals to invest in commercial real estate projects online for as little as $100.

Social Media Handles: TwitterInstagram

What is your favorite kind of bagel? Everything bagel with scallion cream cheese from Murray’s Bagels. Or a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter.

What’s your Alma Mater? UPenn / Wharton

What’s your horoscope sign? Aries

What’s your biggest vice? Travel and wanting to buy lots of second homes, particular those with sea views!

If you could pack up and move anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why? Europe with my wife!! I’ve wanted to live in Europe my entire life and I’ve finally found a willing partner. My parents have had a house on the Côte d’Azur in Vence, France since I was born and I spend a few weeks there every year. Each time I leave I’m not really sure why I am leaving. I want nothing more than to move to Europe, learn new languages, travel, and immerse myself in the culture and cheese. [Head to the Vence area and stay at Le Mas de Pierre, an old farmhouse]

Your vacation is coming up soon. Where are you going? St Bart’s, French West Indies in April. Positano, Italy and Lugano, Locarno, Zurich in Switzerland in June, and then Vence, France in August. I like water! Seaside or lakeside. [Do not miss this beautiful restaurant in Vence]

Who is your dream travel companion? My wife Stevie! [THAT’S ME!!]

Best place for a quick weekend away? French West Indies – St. Bart’s, Martinique or Guadeloupe. [If you’re in La Guadeloupe, don’t miss out on the freshest seafood on the island]

What is your favorite city for food in the world? New York [Eat at one of Dan’s favorite restaurants, Il Mulino]

Do you have a favorite recipe to make? Can you share it with me? Oysters on the half shell with lemon or mignonette. My mom is from the Eastern Shore of Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, one of the world’s great oyster regions. I’ve always loved the experience of shucking fresh oysters and eating them raw. My second would have to be steamed Maryland Blue Crabs with Old Bay. I used to go crabbing with my dad in the early morning and there’s nothing more festive than having friends and family over for steamed crabs in the summer. [Check out this oyster mignonette recipe!]

You’re being executed. What’s your last meal? Ribs. And I’ll take the rest of the pig with it. [Make a rack of ribs at home in your oven!]

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Chinese food, pizza, burritos Fuck burritos. Marry pizza. Kill Chinese food.

What’s your work uniform? Blazer, dress shirt, jeans/pants, suede loafers.

What’s the best store (in person or online) to shop in? APC [See our APC shirt pick here]

Finish this sentence: ‘If I was a type of furniture I would be______’ A big comfy hotel bed with a duvet cover

What’s your signature workout move? I’m happy to just show up!

Favorite spa treatment? Couples massage with my wife at Sisley Spa in St. Bart’s. [Learn what makes Spa Sisley so special]

Name one diet rule you have: Eat high quality food. Life is to enjoy.

Name an artist people would be surprised to hear that you listen to: Yes [Listen to “And You and I” here]

Do you know how to play a musical instrument? No. But I’ve always wanted to know how to play the guitar solo to Time by Pink Floyd.

It’s Saturday night. If you could go party at any club in the world, which one would it be? Something intimate or exotic. A hidden venue on a beach in Tulum at BPM Festival.[We’ve talked about BPM before, check it out here]

You want to meet someone for drinks. Where do you take them? Crosby Street Hotel in Manhattan. Chez Moi in Brooklyn. [Find out what to order at the Crosby Bar]

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? My father always said “All you have is your integrity.” I also love the quote from Charles Eames: “Choose your corner, pick away at it carefully, intensely and to the best of your ability and that way you might change the world.”

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I always loved creating things and exploring. The physical and the conceptual. Naturally I ended up being an entrepreneur. [Dan is so wise!]

How do you think your career/job contributes to the world around you? I’ve been involved in the transformation and redevelopment of real estate into creative uses and have given people from the community the ability to invest with me in those projects. I’m particularly interested in creating technology platforms that give people the opportunity to invest in what they believe in—people or places.

Name one thing that will have the greatest impact on our future: Sustainable use and management of natural resources—water, forestry, agriculture, aquaculture, etc.—which ties into climate change and the environment. I think that will be the major issue of our generation. If only the generations proceeding us would get out of the way!

Will you vote in the Presidential Election in 2016? Yes

Do you support any non-profits or charities? Billion Oyster Project. [Read about BOP here]

What are your favorite social media accounts to follow on any platform? @TabletHotels [Browse the gallery of this hotel booking website]

Relationship Status? Married [Editor’s note: He’s married to ME and I would add that he’s happily married….!]

Tell me about the best date you ever went on: Just as we were first getting to know each other, I took my future wife to dinner and rosé at a sushi restaurant in Playa del Carmen during the 2013 BPM Festival—although at that time she says she didn’t know it was a date.

We also went to the most magical fondue restaurant on the top of a mountain in Patagonia in Bariloche, Argentina in 2013. It felt like we had a view of the entire world. [This is one of the most amazing restaurant experiences in the world, learn more here]

You think sex on the first date is: Appropriate depending on the circumstance

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